Barbados is located in the southern corner of the Lesser Antilles and is actually the easternmost island in the Caribbean. The different coasts of the island offer different types of beaches with sandy shores that, next to a crystal clear sea, are on the rocky and rugged side of the Atlantic, where you will find surfers and naturalists. Here are five of the most impressive and striking Barbadian beaches you should consider when visiting the sunny island.


This small, special fishing village on the East Coast is completely transformed when the surf competition arrives in town. Bathseba Beach is the surfing capital of Barbados when the Season begins. If you don’t want to surf, it’s possible to snorkel and sunbathe with pools and coral reefs. This beach is not your typical white sand beach, as it has a wild and natural edge with falling waves that increase its appeal.

Silver Sand

The windy nature of Silver Sands makes it very popular with windsurfers. It is internationally recognized for this particular Sport and is perfectly located on the south coast of Barbados. Every February, fans of extreme sports can enjoy the Watermen Festival, which celebrates everything related to surfing. You can really sit back and relax, enjoy the Sport or even try it yourself.


Crane Beach is based on an original Caribbean port and is one of the most natural beaches the island has to offer. It’s one of the historically popular resorts and there’s even room to enjoy your own luxury private villa in the area. The waves are soft and welcoming, so beginners in the world of extreme sports could give surfing for the first time. The coastal bays also offer you the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing swim in special luxury.

Lower Bay

Located in the north of the famous mansion known as Sam Lord’s Castle is distinguished by its bright pink sand. It is protected by a series of jagged cliffs, and coconut trees sit on the edge, perfecting the exotic image of the beach. The waters are crystal clear and wonderful to observe, but they are not ideal for swimming. Instead, enjoy a picnic on the beach and simply swim on the sand.


Sometimes known as Rockley, Accra is one of the most popular beaches you’ll find in Barbados – so it might not be the place to go if you’re looking for lonely privacy. The sandy beach is one of the widest on the Barbadian coast and is popular with beach vendors and jewelers. The waves are relatively moderate without Undertow, which means that it is suitable for both athletes and those who just want to relax. Try windsurfing, snorkeling, boogie-boarding or sunfish sailing.

These are just a few of the breathtaking beaches you can enjoy on a once-in-a-lifetime Barbados trip, and if you explore on your own, you may find a lot more hidden gems.