You hit the slopes from the first lifts and you are ready for a delicious lunch to replenish the reserves in time for the afternoon session. In the meantime, you need a place that is suitable for all members of your group, some of whom are not skiers. Where to choose? After skiing in Val D’Isère all my life and benefiting from the daily feedback from our savvy customers, you will be happy to know that I can spare you the pain of a too expensive and disappointing meal at Espace Killy by following my best choices (in no particular order of preference) below:

1. The head of Solaise

As the name suggests, you will find this restaurant jewel on the chairlift of Solaise. Like most restaurants in the mountains, you have two options, self-service and table service. I recommend the table service and the à-la-carte menu. This year they have an exceptionally talented young chef who serves delicacies such as scallops carpaccio, thousand list of foie gras poele (layers of foie gras, apple and crispy filo paste) and an alternative to the traditional steak axe introducing basil, Parmesan and pine nuts. Personally, I could work my way through the entrances and die a happy man! There is an attractive terrace with champagne bar and rumour has it you will add live jazz to the mix.

2. The Panoramic

At the top of the Grande Motte you will find the Panaromic, recently renovated this year. There is an oyster bar and champagne, while the alpine ambience is complemented by fur-trimmed seats and incredible views. Located at 3023m, it is the highest restaurant on the mountain and had excellent reviews from our guests with treats such as LOBSTER spring rolls and truffle spread, while oysters are a must. The only drawback (and this is only minor) is that everyone from the cable car passes by the restaurant and there is inevitably a bit of word of mouth. With a menu like this-who wouldn’t do it?

3. Bar In The Heart Of The Marais De Strand

The Bar L’ouillette is located above the Solaise, at the foot of the glacier lift, slightly different from your average mountain restaurant. Think cheeky pink and lime green umbrellas, palm trees and the occasional Buddha. The atmosphere is refreshing and funky, while the cuisine is surprisingly traditional-fresh, local quiches, homemade cakes and salads. It’s self-service when you need time just to avoid the onslaught. In spring they make a fantastic barbecue skewers, ambient air and white stuff – the perfect combination.

4. The fruit tree

This rustic-style restaurant is equipped with fresh, high quality ingredients that are hacked daily. The orchard houses an old dairy with farm cheese and family recipes are a staple on the menu. Although it can be pretty busy, our customer reviews are still pretty good and if you set it right, you can go straight to the VIP zone Sweet madness, ready to dance on calories. Alternatively, if you are looking for an special dining experience, you can opt for a private dinner in the cellar, where wines and cheeses are stored. Either way, remember to book in advance or you will be disappointed!

5. The signal

In a colourful and friendly environment, the signal offers magnificent views of Val D’Isère and Vanoise National Park, while on the ground floor, the relaxed dining room is cosy with a regularly lit wood fire to match the welcoming service. A personal favorite of my father (the service is his absolute bugbear) You get a good carbonara or lasagna on the ground floor or a finer dining experience upstairs. You will find the signal at the top of the cable car In Le Fornet, so it is another good place if your group is walking.

6. Cowhide leather

Not for the shy, this restaurant is a welcome reward for one or the other who is confident enough to face the face. Halfway down the trail, cowhide offers Savoyard cuisine and good burgers, as you can see in a restaurant called ‘ cow hide – – I doubtful that there may be a subtext to even have thick skin! He gets good relationships in terms of service and is a favorite with children. NB: You can actually reach it from the Bellevarde Express chair in Val, but you can always let your friends guess…

7. The Triffolet

Just below the orchard, the Triffolet is not so much a gastronomic experience, but I challenge everyone to find a better burger on the mountain, served with an important egg! The exterior is an absolute sun trap and the service is super friendly. It is certainly of special size and offers excellent value for money, especially since it is also a server service. So if you’re tired of hitting the mound, the Triffolet is a good option.

8. Restaurant L’armailly

The beauty of this restaurant (apart from the kitchen) is skiing, to get there. Located right at the end of Tignes les Brevieres 1550, access is offered by a truly sensational black, la Sasse, which must be one of the largest descents of the entire Espace Killy. A soft sapphire, on the other hand, offers a tree alternative over Tignes les Boisses. Once arrived, the menu offers all traditional dishes (frog legs, snails, foie gras, etc.) with generous portions. It is also one of the few places where you can taste the chamois, the local goat delicacy and it has a large wine cellar.

9. The tuff

Down in the Daille, Les Tufs is a small, charming place, with the river Isère on one side and the mountain on the other. The food is good with pizza, pasta and salads at a good price – a good alternative to the rich dining experience in other restaurants.

10. The Edelweiss Is The Perfect Choice

This restaurant is perhaps one of the most romantic places in the mountains in Fornet Forest. Right on the Mangard Trail, the food is excellent and if you’re lucky enough to have a table outside, the view is beautiful, although it’s fair to say the service isn’t always as friendly as it could be. However, the food compensates more than that. Unfortunately, you can’t book a table in advance, so my advice is to go early to have a table.

This pretty much complements my review of the best mountain restaurants in Killy Space, most of which are within walking distance. Do not worry, if lunch time disappoints, there is always dinner to compensate and if you choose your accommodation wisely, you will not be disappointed!