The word “detest” may be too harsh, but many travelers have sworn to the goals of this List. Do you think these cities deserve the detest they deserve from the travel community? See what you think of our List of the 10 most detest cities in the world and take a moment to share your comments with us at the end of the article.

1. Paris, France

Ah, the City of Lights. Looking at postcards and hundreds of movies in this beautiful city, it can be quite confusing to see why so many people detest Paris, with its cafe-lined streets and charming Eiffel Tower. However, many travelers find the Parisian waiters extremely rude, the extremely long lines at the Louvre a hell, the dog feces everywhere and the hordes of fascinating tourists who take cliché photos, very, very boring. Moreover, everything is so expensive (as in most tourist fishing towns) that even breakfast feels like a con. In addition, there are many “hungry artists” on the streets who are ready to take their precious holiday money with their portraits, songs and Performances.

2. Tijuana, Mexico

Medicine testing at the border may seem like the absolute thrash, but there are other things about Tijuana that make the traveler community dispel the hatred of this Mexican city. There are many things related to crime; the medicine cartel is not really known to leave behind a trace of fragrant rose petals. In addition, the recession has hit Tijuana hard and there are many health issue to catch (for example, the dreaded swine flu). Sometimes it is not advisable to follow the advice of your travel agency to travel to another country in just a few hours.

3. Belize City, Belize

Many of us dream of a sunny and entertaining Caribbean cruise, but to fulfill that dream, they avoid Belize City. The infrastructure is dilapidated and sad, and there are many crimes and medicine on the street. Belize City doesn’t really do tourists good to feel safe at night, and it’s one thing that can really ruin their romantic Caribbean cruise.

4. New Delhi, India

The thought of India inspires the idea of exotic adventures, but as long as you do not intend to go to New Delhi, you can pursue your dreams of adventure. con are so common in New Delhi that many travelers feel they are safe nowhere. Travel bloggers have even gone so far as to call New Delhi the “con city” of India. Even the most experienced travelers do not feel safe from bluff — everyone can be demolished as soon as they arrive at the airport. And then there is the train station, the hotel, the streets…

5. Los Angeles, California, United States

This city is unquestionably one of the most popular cities in the United States, with Hollywood being the best-known neighborhood. However, Los Angeles is also one of the thrash places to visit if you detest tourist traps. Be prepared to deal with seemingly endless traffic jams, Smog, noise, earth tremor, harsh race riots and people pushing celebrity websites.

6. Timbuktu, Mali

Previously, getting to Timbuktu was a feat reserved for the bravest adventurers. It is by nature exciting (and sometimes satisfying) to have crossed the desert to reach this destination. Today, however, many people do not even know where Timbuktu is or whether it exists. Forget about the romantic ideas of adventure that were propagated by the archaic publications of Timbuktu—not only is this city extremely hot, but almost everything is very close to being devoured by sand. Yes, no shopping centers and scenic tourist attractions for travelers in Timbuktu.

7. Melbourne and Sydney, Australia

It can be quite confusing to hear that Australia’s two most famous cities are detest by the traveller community. But it’s not the traveler community that deeply detest these cities-it’s the people of Melbourne and Sydney who detest each other. Since the city of Melbourne was founded more than 150 years ago, Sydney has detest its courage. This mutual hatred is not a reason for you not to visit either city—just make sure you do not accidentally confuse one with the other (or the locals will detest you).

8. Lima, Peru

This famous Latin American city might be a little better than Mexico City, La Paz and Sao Paulo, but that doesn’t mean everyone loves Lima in Peru. Even people in Peru do not believe that this city is the most exciting in the world—most travelers called this place a tourist trap, unattractive and downright boring. The seemingly Eternal Smog could have something to do with detest, years and years of news that is not good for the safety and well-being of travelers.

9. Cairo, Egypt

Egypt seems to be the best place for adventurers who spent their childhood deep in historical and archaeological publications, but many modern travelers really do not like Cairo, the capital. According to research, air pollution in Cairo is so severe that breathing every day is like smoking a box of cigarettes. The appeal of Egyptian Antiquities is seriously overshadowed by the really bad traffic, political unrest and the fact that you could fall into a car accident on one of your streets as soon as you get into a vehicle.

10. Jakarta, Indonesia

Many people include Indonesia in their travel list, but only to destinations like Sumatra, Yogyakarta and Bali. If travelers visit Jakarta, it is only to get their connecting flights to another destination. Don’t expect the exotic in Jakarta-just pollution, poverty, walking through malls, and really bad traffic.