It’s a new year and there is a better way to start 2021 than to experience something fresh and new. This year, why not look beyond the proven luxury hotels and lie in a different place. The House of Eccentricity, we have travelled the Great expanse of Britain to give you our best selection of unique and luxurious stays in the country to inspire you. Whether it’s an ancient pineapple on the peaks of Scotland or a majestic fortress in the waters of the South Coast, you’re sure to enjoy a new and unique experience during your stay in the UK.

Stay in a fort: Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth

Less than a mile off the coast of Portsmouth lies the magnificent private island of fort Spitbank. What was once a military base, has been transformed into a luxurious, secluded Resort, with eight spacious bedrooms, an extravagant ten-person hot tub, three dining rooms, three bars, a sauna and a fitness room. From the impressive menu to the rooftop fireplace with first-class seating to the fort’s sunsets, it’s an impressive and utterly unforgettable stay that you won’t find anywhere else in the UK.

Stay in a fruit: Pineapple, Dunmore, Scotland

Enjoy the opportunity to live in Britain’s unique fruit tree house. Built in 1761 for the 4th Earl of Dunmore, the pineapple is an eccentric work of exquisite masonry, rescued from obscurity by the Landmark Trust and carefully restored to become a valuable part of British heritage. Steeped in history and atmosphere, this elegant two bedroom property is set in a huge walled garden, ideal for a refreshing afternoon walk.

Stay in a pub: the White Horse, South Downs, West Sussex

Although perhaps not so unusual, there is nothing typically British about staying in a beautiful country pub and the White Horse in Chilgrove takes the luxury of the countryside a notch. A traditional British pub filled with original antique furniture, their decadent contemporary cabins are complete with exquisite designer details and luxurious touches. Some rooms also have a private terrace with a large outdoor hot tub-perfect for an evening dive, champagne in hand, overlooking the magnificent hills of the surrounding South Downs.

Stay in a Windmill: Rye Windmill, Rye, East Sussex

Enjoy an original and opulent stay in one of East Sussex’s most famous attractions. The windmill of Rye offers ten fabulous rooms in its class II walls. Two of their luxury suites are located in the mill itself and feature a private balcony overlooking the epic landscape-a beautifully unique choice for a romantic getaway or family outing.

Stay in an eco-friendly hotel: the Scarlet, Cornwall

For eco-conscious people, try to escape the tranquillity of one of Cornwall’s best-kept secrets, the luxury eco-hotel the Scarlet. An incredibly modern and very individual retreat, it boasts of being influenced only by the “natural rhythms of Mother Nature”. Inside, the Scarlet tries to blur the boundaries of inside and outside with a mix of bright open spaces and relaxing nooks and crannies. The owners say their vision is to” create a place with really delicious food, Cornwall art and original tricks to make us smile ” – a must for anyone looking for an original British beach resort.