Forget your Royale Suite booking in Claridges forget the rental of Brigitte Bardot’s villa in Saint-Tropez you You can even forget your own private island; if you want to book the most expensive and exclusive holiday next summer, then think of mega yachts! If money is not an object and only the best does the trick, then this post is for you – we look at the most luxurious and opulent yachts available for private rental this year.

Yacht ” Imagine – – 215ft

The name says it all, Just imagine a world where you are surrounded by fine arts, refined handcrafted interiors of the highest quality, and where the most exemplary and highly qualified crew is at hand. Fantasy finds realization aboard this brand new 215-foot mega yacht. Designed with the charter in mind, the owner of Imagine ordered his yacht with the intention of sharing it with the world from day one. From refined and spacious interiors to spacious terraces that offer outdoor dining and relaxation options at all levels, every detail has been carefully considered to ensure the ultimate holiday experience.

There are 6 guest cabins (all mini suites, of course) and a large owner suite with double whirlpool tub, private office, private balcony and changing rooms. The personal health and well-being are taken care on the terrace, the Pool and hot tub both have “wet feet” bars, and the Sky gym offers the opportunity for a more serious workout. Of course, you can just lie on a gurney and watch the world pass…

Yacht ” Amaryllis – – 258ft

Yacht Amaryllis is an art gallery above water. Inspired by the time of the Belle Epoque, art Nouveau and Art Deco, designed by Reymond Langton, and equipped with the parts on level silver Amaryllis is really something to see. Over 250 feet long, Amaryllis can accommodate 12 people in 6 cabins, including an entire private terrace with terrace dedicated to the owner’s suite. A beach club with gym and spa is at the back allowing direct access to the sea, while the terrace has a 20-foot pool.

But like any work of art, all of of this luxury has a although it is not the biggest yacht in this Position, Amaryllis is certainly the most expensive.

Yacht, the “Titania” – 237ft

It’s about the Beach club. There are enough toys on this yacht to keep even the most demanding and tired family entertained for a week without ever having to anchor! The inflatable water Park is completely unique, with its own private water world with an obstacle course, Zorbball, slides, climbing frame, trampoline, ringos, boat, that is, before the four jet skis and two sailing boats to be launched. There is even a diving center on board, and of course among the 22 crew members there are very experienced and accredited instructors for all sports on board. But the older ones in the family do not have to despair; four decks you can relax with a cocktail in the hot tub and enjoy the panoramic view of the sea.

Yacht “Ecstasea” – 282ft

The last, but certainly not less. At nearly 300 feet in length, the Ecstasea is the largest of these yachts and requires a crew of 25 full-time professionals to keep it operating. Luxurious accommodations and incredible amenities are no different from the others in this post, but what really sets this yacht apart is its speed. With a combination of four monstrous diesel engines and a huge gas turbine from General Electric, the total output is almost 45,000 hp. With speeds of up to 33 knots, this floating hotel could cover Ibiza, the Côte D’Azur, the Italian Riviera, Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily within a week’s holiday! Please note that you have to turn it around with a full tank and that the consumption is 10,000 liters of diesel per hour-ouch!

Originally commissioned and built for billionaire Roman Abramovich, Ecstasea is now owned by philanthropist Sonja Zuckerman and is now available for private rental on the Côte D’Azur.