Reveals its predictions about the 10 best holiday destinations, estimates that the owners and agents who rent holiday properties in Europe are in a thriving year with no less than seven European destinations dominating the top TEN. However, Dubai, a city known for its year-round sun, luxurious lifestyle and fabulous beaches, is at the top of the list. Without being discouraged by the global economic slowdown, landlords and holidaymakers have benefited from the abundance of Dubai apartments and villas available in prestigious and sought-after locations such as Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina.

The full list of the ten best vacation rental hotspots that the company plans is as follows:

1. Dubai
2. Cyprus
3. The Costa del Sol
4. Paris
5. Algarve
6. Tenerife
7. Cornwall
8. Florida
9. Sydney
10. Mallorca

For budget-conscious holidaymakers, low-cost flights with short travel times to many European destinations are available. This travel friendliness, coupled with a wealth of affordable holiday apartments and villas in popular resorts such as Paphos, Coral Bay and Larnaca, makes for the second highest billing in Cyprus on the list.

It is a similar story for the Costa del Sol, which with a flight time of only two to three hours from the United Kingdom, a selection of Spanish villas and apartments for every taste and budget and about 160 kilometers of golden and sunny beaches, the still popular southeast coast of Spain has earned a place in Spain.

According to official statistics from the Paris Office of Congresses and Visitors, around 29 million visitors sought accommodation in Paris in 2020. With fourth place on the list, the popularity of the French capital shows no signs of diminishing, thanks to its wealth of iconic and historical monuments, its rich cultural attractions and its reputation as one of the most romantic destinations in the world. The RESPECTED travel guide Lonely Planet has already named Paris number one in its annual “Best in Travel” list. Building on its status as one of the most visited cities in the world, the prices of hotels and guesthouses, the parisians have tended to be a love, but Paris apartments offer inexpensive alternative accommodation for families and groups seeking a stay in this city unique and beautiful.

The Algarve region on the south coast of Portugal and the Canary Island of Tenerife are very popular with holidaymakers due to their exceptional beaches, guaranteed sunshine, numerous activities and enjoyment, as well as their holiday apartments, ranging from seaside apartments to luxury villas with private bathrooms.

Cornwall County, the only entry in the UK on the list and in seventh place, has long been a popular holiday destination, but in recent years has received great popularity through TV programs such as “Cornwall with Caroline Quentin”, “Doc Martin” and “Ade in Britain”. Cornwall is one of the UK’s most important surfing destinations and also boasts many charming and traditional fishing villages, historic attractions such as the UNESCO World Heritage Tin mining landscape and areas of outstanding natural beauty. Therefore, the demand for holiday homes in Cornwall and other rental properties around the Cornwall coast is still high.

Two of the most popular long-distance holiday destinations occupy eighth and ninth place in the list. Sydney, Australia offers the ultimate winter getaway. Shaped by culture, this city in which exciting and dynamic offers famous attractions such as the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the world-famous beaches, enjoyment venues and attractions for everyone and accommodation, a holiday to suit all budgets. On the east coast of the United States of America, Florida, on the other hand, is a dream destination, where the villas and apartments near numerous amusement parks, movie studios and the famous beaches of the state offer perfect family-friendly accommodation, and win the “sunshine State”, the deserved place in the top ten.

Finally, the beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca occupies the tenth place. Increasingly popular with holidaymakers since the 1950s, this jewel of the Mediterranean off the east coast of Spain is appreciated by more than ten million visitors every year for its warm climate, excellent beaches and numerous leisure activities. As with the other European destinations on the list, the availability and affordability of a variety of vacation rental properties, coupled with the ease of moving back and forth from the island are likely to make Mallorca one of the hottest vacation rental hotspots.